Shower Fizzies are the new thing to add a touch of luxury to your daily routine.


As much as we LOVE a nice long bath, having one every day is just not realistic (who has the time? Who has the space for a big bath tub?). Time to show a little love to our showers!  


Our shower fizzies have a light, citrusy scent sure to put a smile on your face :) 


Not for use in the bath. 

Shower Fizzie

  • Natural baking soda, natural citric acid, natural witch hazel, natural fragrance

  • All you need to enjoy a shower fizzie is to place one (or a few, if you're feeling fancy) on the floor of your shower away from the direct stream of water and turn on the water to your preferred temperature (warmer is better).

    The shower steam will well, fizz and release the scented oils into the air: Breathe deeply you sexy beast.