Welcome to North

We are new here and wanted to take a second to tell you a little about who we are!

Who We Are: An all-natural, all vegetarian bath and body product company based right here in the North. North Bath and Body was started by a born and raised Northerner who was sick of the bath and body market being dominated by large companies who cared little for the quality of their products or the experience of their users.

What We Do: Make bath and body products for all. North uses small batch processes with an emphasis on quality to create all our products. Our small batch processes ensure the finest quality and most luxurious experience. Check out our Products page to see the best stuff for yourself.

Why We Do What We Do: Our company is rooted in a desire to create affordable luxuries inspired by the people, the landscapes and the feeling of the North. We are cruelty free and all natural because no one likes unnecessary chemicals in their life and no one likes cruelty. We do everything small batch to make sure you are getting the freshest stuff, straight from source to your bod in record time.

What You Can Expect From Our Journal: Keep checking back with us as we post more information about bath, body skin care and general self love, as well as to learn about new and exciting products we are working on.

Life is better going North.

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