Self Care as Self Love

Here we are, another #selfcaresunday.

Self care has been called everything from necessary to revolutionary and while it is easy to reduce it down to a catchy hashtag on social media, we have been guilty of this (by the way, you should def follow us @northbathandbody), we all know self care is far more than that. We at North, believe that above all else, self care is the ultimate expression self love (also a catchy hashtag but it is a little more than that).

It is harder than ever to carve out time to take care of ourselves. We work longer hours than ever (some argue we are never off the clock since we can always be reached via email/text/slack/etc.), there are more demands on our attention through constant notifications, there is more pressure to 'have it all' but to get it all means sacrificing a lot of sleep and staying 'on the grind' at all times. We live in a culture of full throttle work and pressure, never letting up and if you have free time you should be filling it with a side hustle.

It always feels like the first thing to fall off the never ending and ever growing To Do list is a little time for ourselves. Its not that we don't know we need to take care of ourselves, it just seems a little difficult to make that happen and self care can often feel like just another thing on the list to check off, in between answering that work email and grabbing a Birthday card on your way to a dinner.

This is what makes self care as self love so radical. If you had a friend who was running themselves ragged, you know what advice you would give. You would tell them to slow down, take time for themselves, relax. When they protested with their mountainous To Do list you would calmly explain that nothing will get done if the person doing these things has collapsed from exhaustion. You would point out that we all do our best work when we are rested and our brains have had a minute to detach from the constant focus on the immediate task at hand. You would tell them all of this because you love them and want them to be happy and clearly the current state of things is not doing the trick. The most radical thing you can do is turn that love inward and take your own hypothetical advice. Not because your To Do list will magically go away, but because you can't afford not to love and care yourself. Love yourself enough to go to the dentist for that check up, love yourself enough to schedule a date with a luxurious bubble bath and love yourself enough to put yourself first. Most importantly, stop thinking that self care is optional and respect it for what it truly is, love turned 180 degrees.

Now, if you will excuse us, it is Sunday and we have taken our own advice and have a date with this bath.

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