Choosing the Right Scrub for you

Scrubs are SUPER hot right now and for good reason. The exfoliating and moisturizing benefits provided by these natural skin products have everyone taking notice. Here at North we have an impressive and yummy line of scrubs for every type of skin but how do you know which one(s) is right for you.

Firstly, what is a scrub? A scrub is an oil (we use skin nourishing, organic coconut oil) mixed with some kind of exfoliant that is gently rubbed on your skin to remove dead skin cells and loose hair. Scrubs can be used 2-3 times per week and are especially effective when used before shaving as the removal of dead skin (which can bind up a razor) provides a closer and smoother shave.

What are different scrubs and why should I choose one over the other?

Scrubs are usually made with natural exfoliants. North uses all natural sugar, coffee, sea salt and charcoal to help get your skin smooth and moisturized. Each scrub has amazing benefits for your skin but what you use really depends on the specifics needs your skin has and how gentle or intense you want your scrub to be. Typically the larger the grain of the exfoliant the more intense your scrub experience will be. For example, white sugar, like that found in Sweet Thing has very small grains and provides a gentle exfoliation that can be used on all parts of you. The sea salt in our Salty AF scrub, on the other hand, has much larger grains and provides a more intense experience. We would recommend using sea salt to soften the tougher parts of your skin.

Beyond just the size of the exfoliator in your product, you also want to consider the other benefits provided by the ingredients. For example, our Go Go Coffee Scrub contains caffeine which, when rubbed up on your skin releases and increases circulation and can reduce the look of cellulite. Let Me Be Clear uses the unique combination of charcoal and tea tree, both of which can help clear your skin of acne. It is also gentle enough for your face or wherever you are looking to be clear. The sugar in Sweet Thing acts as a natural humectant, meaning it pulls moisture out of the air and onto your skin. The sea salt in Salty AF has tons of natural minerals that can increase the effectiveness of other beauty products like lotion. Bottom line, there is a scrub out there for you it really just depends on what you result you are looking for.

How do I use a scrub?

As mentioned above, you really only want to use scrubs 2-3 times per week. Much more than that and you risk skin tears, and no one wants that! Using scrubs is pretty simple; hop in the shower and get your skin wet with warm water. Letting your skin warm up in the shower for a few minutes is ideal. Grab a hunk of scrub (about the size of a quarter) and gently rub the scrub in a circular motion into an area of your skin. Gentle is the key word here, you don't want to be too aggressive and should really just let the oil and exfoliant do their thing, not a whole lot of elbow grease is required on your part. The circular motion helps loosen all the dead skin and hair in all directions. Then rinse with warm water. Repeat as needed.

You can use your scrub at any point in your bathing routine, it really just depends on what you are looking for. If you want to increase your post-shower lotion effectiveness, save the scrub for the end. If you want to just use it to remove dead skin, use it more at the beginning, before applying soap or body wash.

There are so many amazing benefits of scrubs that the best way to figure out what works for you is to start trying them. Once you figure out which one has the right combination of ingredients for your skin, you will reap the benefits. Happy Scrubbing!

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